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Importation as a business is a rigorous process to go through. It has series of step by step rules to follow and if not done properly might go awful. Here on this post you will see the processes involved and how to go about them.
Market survey: This is probably one of the most important aspect of importation and as such should be given a lot of attention. You will agree with me that there is no point in importing something so cheap but can’t sell it. So therefore, you have to check around or go to the markets and find out what commodity is really worth putting your money in. more on that here
Finding a supplier: Now, this is another tricky part of the business. There are a lot of middle men in the business world today and you know what they do. They advertise goods of other people with the aim of adding extra money on it for their own profit. Now, if you meet such people, you will end up purchasing the goods at a much higher price, you need to know how to screen them out. You must also know how to maneuver your way around the supplier to get him do small favours for you like discounts and free shipping as the case may be.
Safe payment: A lot of people have had their importation careers ruined because of unsafe payment methods they used in making payments. Never you make a direct payment to a supplier you have never met face-to-face for the first time. Chances are that if he receives the money, he losses interest in shipping the goods and you certainly cannot trace him. There are other smarter ways to use like Escrow service. Escrow is a third party payment system. It operates by accepting your payments for goods on behalf of the supplier and releasing the payment to him after you have received and confirmed that the goods are exactly what you ordered for.
Receiving your goods: To receive your goods from any country you are importing from, you have to choose from a list of shipping methods available from that country to yours, the best one that suits you and your conditions. Some are costlier than others, some deliver faster than others, some bring it to your doorstep while some don’t. if you select any of them, you will have to wait for the supplier to ship them and give you the invoice of the transaction so you can claim the goods when they arrive.
Marketing your goods: If you have read and used the first idea on this list, which is market survey, then marketing your goods would be absolutely no problem. Just head to the market or make some calls, as the case may be, distribute them off, and you’re ready to head back to the supplier.

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