Friday, 5 October 2012

Major Types of Google Adsense Programs

There are three major types of Google Adsense Programs

Adsense for content

Adsense for search and

Premium Adsense

Adsense for Content:

In this particular adsense program, Google ads are displayed by Google on websites and blogs that sing up for Google Adsense. Google Adsense ads are highly targeted, which means that they are directly connected with the content of your blog or website. They appear based on what the website or blog is all about e.g you will get weight loss related ads if your blog is all about weight loss. If the content changes the ads will also change automatically to suit the subject of the content, keeping it targeted.

Some Adsense newbies might be wary of running Adsense because of the risk of having competitors' ads appearing on their site. Google has already considered this, that is why they provide you with a feature that enable you to block out your competitors sites and any other site that may annoy your viewers. To use this feature effectively, search out your competitors by typing your niche keywords in Google. Once you know who they are, proceed to your Adsense account and block them.

You can also control the way the ads looks in your site, if not their appearance may not match the design of your site. It is very important that the ads blend well with the general feel of your site/blog. You can do this by changing the ads colour, font and layout. Make sure you maintain a consistent look and feel across your website or blog; the ads should not be jarring in their appearance. If you give your visitors a good viewing experience and couple it with high quality content, they will stay on your site long enough for the ads to catch their interest.

Adsense for search:

This type of Adsense allows website owners to add Google search boxes to their websites, allowing users to search the internet directly from their website. This also applies to blogs. When a user uses this feature to search the internet, Google will display some ads base on the search criteria. If the user clicks on any of the ads, the site owner will earn money.

The dual advantage of adding Google search bar to your site or blog is that it gives you additional stream of income while increasing the usefulness of your site to your visitors.

Premium Adsense:

This is the most advanced Google Adsense program. Few sites qualify for it because of the stringent requirements you have to meet. The base requirement is that your website must have received at least 5 million queries or 20 million page views per month. This is not for you yet, I assume.

You can use Google Adsense as an additional stream of income. Your earning will increase as visitors to your site increase. If you want more info on Google Adsense

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