Monday, 30 September 2013



The fact that Importation is a very lucrative business can not be over
emphasized. And also the fact that you can import virtually everything
on earth (except human parts), and at very ridiculous prices.

Most people think that importation is only meant for the big guns or
internet gurus, but if I can tell you the truth, that particular
insinuation is not true.
Importation can be done by everybody and by that I mean anybody with little
computer knowledge and with a minimum of N10,000.

You can start mini importation and reap huge profits while growing from mini to maxi importation. Lol.

I have my detailed importation guide plus coaching/training and follow-up sessions for interested and potential
The guide and tutorship will include everything (and I mean EVERYTHING)
you may need in the importation world.

Face-to-face meetings can be organized for those in Port Harcourt.
Whatsapp or call 08067570845

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