Saturday, 10 November 2012


For those of us who have been around in this blogosphere for quite some time but haven’t yet figured out a mean to moneytize our blog/site, for those who earn a living through blogging and also for those who are still yet to start a blog/site but have hopes that one day they are going to own a monetized blog/site, Google Adsense is the real deal. When you talk about blog/site monetization, the first method that comes to your mind is ads placement, with that you will start looking for Ad Networks to join and in such situation, Google Adsense is the best except for the fact that, it is the hardest to join.
In this post, am goong you share with you the things you need to get done on your blog/site before you start thinking of adsense and also how you can get these things done to prevent your application from being disapproved.

Easy to navigate: Some people especially new bloggers, while writing and posting their articles fail to realized the need for those articles to be categorized in the proper manner. Remember, when you submit your blog/site for Google to review, they will se their robots to crawl your blog/site and if your site is not very easy to navigate, the robots are going to find it difficult crawling your site and as you would guess, that’s a bad signal to Google and so they won’t allow you in. so therefore, while blogging or posting your stuff, make sure you categorize or label them in order to enhance navigation both for robot crawlers and humans. Note: if you apply without taking care of this point, google adsense will reject you due to Page Type
Content quantity: Before you apply for adsense, take a look at your blog/site’s content and be sure you have enough posts and pages on it. For Google adsense approval, you must have at least 15 pages on your site and at 50 posts. So don’t be in a hurry if you’ve only got a couple of posts or thereabout on your blog/site. Note: if you apply without taking care of  this point, google adsense will reject you due to Insufficient Content.

Original content: This point I think is the most important and the easiest to fail amongst all other posts, I mean, its very easy to log on to the internet, go to and search a word or phrase related to your niche and whatever site that comes up first, click on it, highlight and copy everything the person have taken valuable time to write, moderate and make available on the web, over to your own blog to paste an claim ownership. Now that’s called theft in my own language and you should now be able to thik of what that can do to your site/blog’s credibility. If reaaly want to make money blogging, then you must have passion for it amongst other things you need. So when you’re sure you reaaly like it, then take your time and make your you choose a niche you know very much about, that way you should feel a little bit more comfortable cracking up things to put on your site/blog. Note: if you apply without taking care of  this point, google adsense will reject you due to Copyrighted Material.’s Age: If you are just a newbie or you just launched a new site/blog and you got it up and running very nicely and you think it now time to get google involved, am soory to tell you that it ain;t working like that. Google have means to check out the site age of your site/blog and if it reaches the age requirement then you’ve got a chance but if your site/blog hasn’t been around for at least 6 months in the minimum, you may have to wait a little longer or check out other ads alternatives.
There they are my friends, if you het those things clear and stay on the right side of them, then, I say you may be up for the big bucks from Adsense. But should in case you still got disproved by google, be sure to check back and make sure you’ve duly observed all I said here in this post.
If you have any question or further suggestion on points that should be on that list, feel free you to use the comment section to reach me. and you can also subscribe to my mailing list for future updates.

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