Thursday, 19 June 2014


The fact that importers make 100% gain off their goods? True. But do you know what’s more true? It is the fact that Top importers make much more than that in every good they import. 
There is nothing in an importer’s money making arsenal that is more powerful than his ability to buy.
There are many importers worldwide but very few enjoy the full dividends the business is ready to pay.

Now let me be straight forward, importation is the best buy and sell business, well, I can lay that point home with this question? How many people in the market, anywhere in the world, buy commodities and sell it to make 100% gains? Do you really know what 100% mean? i.e your investment double in no time!!!, now I know what you’re thinking now, you’re probably now agreeing with me that it’s a cool business. 

But can I tell you the truth? Real importers, I mean importers with the right strategies, importers in the know, make much more than that 100% gain. They make between 200% - 300% gain on each of the commodities they import.  Note: I am not writing this article to impress you to join the train but am actually writing it to tell you the truth about importation and to also show you what you have been missing. 

Believe it or not if you want to go into a business in which you are planning to be successful in, you must bend down to the rudiments of the biz, you must humble yourself to a training session where you meet an expert to show you not just the basics but also the strategies needed to have the required edge in the business.

Contact me through call or whatsapp text on 08067570845 if you think you need to get yourself to be in the know. I organize one on one training sessions with my clients all over the country.  Don’t bother about paying money into my account no. yet, just reach me first let’s talk.  My services doesn’t end at teaching you how to import and then have the good stacked up in a corner in your room, no, I also teach mind blowing ways to sell fast . I will teach a lot of things. 

The only thing am sure about is that there is a 95% chance you will rate my service first class.   I wouldn’t say am boasting, I would just say, I know my worth.

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