Sunday, 18 January 2015

Goldmine Liberty Concept

Hello folks,
It's been quite some time, isn't it?

Today or rather, here in this post, I will be teaching us how to make
money from is an online platform where entrepreneurs work to
raise capital to fund their business projects.

The company, Goldmine liberty concept runs three programs through
which everyone can benefit
1. Fund cooperative
2. My Business and I
3. Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program
4. Goldmine Liberty Directory
Once you register, you are entitled to some of these programs at no extra cost

But for the purpose of this post, I will focus on the Fund Cooperative
part which is the main part.

In Fund Cooperative, you are required to register with the sum of
N4000, and then introduce 3 persons to the business.
I mean:
1. Register
2. Bring 3 people
3. You're done!!!!

Now, as you may be aware that no legal or legitimate business out there will require no work and still pay you and as you may also be aware that in recent times, people no longer want to work their head off just to make a living. That is why is the answer.

This is the earning structure…

At the level you have 3 people, you get N4000; at the level you have 9 people, you get N32,000; from this level upwards, you earn in hundreds of thousands. It simply follows law of 'the more people you have in
you network, the more you earn.

The Work;;
It is easy and can be concluded in a day, a week, or a month depending on how hard you work or how influencial you are.
Once you get your 3 people, dont worry, they will also get their own 3 people and like that the network keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Points to note:
The business is easy to start (just N4000)
It is easy to start earning quickly (just by bringing 3 people)
It suits a wide range of people (from a banker down to the student...after all everybody wants extra income)
It can run independent of your time and attention (just get started)
It won't get in the way of your regular job or your studies (as employee, employer or student)
You won't pay any money into my account ( I won't ask you to do that)

How to register:
I dont really like putting up account numbers on my blog, so i will bid you to contact me for the company's account.
I will process the registration for you on their website free of charge.

My contacts:
08067570845 (call or whatsapp)

You can contact me if you have questions or need more clarification.

To your success

Thursday, 19 June 2014


The fact that importers make 100% gain off their goods? True. But do you know what’s more true? It is the fact that Top importers make much more than that in every good they import. 
There is nothing in an importer’s money making arsenal that is more powerful than his ability to buy.
There are many importers worldwide but very few enjoy the full dividends the business is ready to pay.

Now let me be straight forward, importation is the best buy and sell business, well, I can lay that point home with this question? How many people in the market, anywhere in the world, buy commodities and sell it to make 100% gains? Do you really know what 100% mean? i.e your investment double in no time!!!, now I know what you’re thinking now, you’re probably now agreeing with me that it’s a cool business. 

But can I tell you the truth? Real importers, I mean importers with the right strategies, importers in the know, make much more than that 100% gain. They make between 200% - 300% gain on each of the commodities they import.  Note: I am not writing this article to impress you to join the train but am actually writing it to tell you the truth about importation and to also show you what you have been missing. 

Believe it or not if you want to go into a business in which you are planning to be successful in, you must bend down to the rudiments of the biz, you must humble yourself to a training session where you meet an expert to show you not just the basics but also the strategies needed to have the required edge in the business.

Contact me through call or whatsapp text on 08067570845 if you think you need to get yourself to be in the know. I organize one on one training sessions with my clients all over the country.  Don’t bother about paying money into my account no. yet, just reach me first let’s talk.  My services doesn’t end at teaching you how to import and then have the good stacked up in a corner in your room, no, I also teach mind blowing ways to sell fast . I will teach a lot of things. 

The only thing am sure about is that there is a 95% chance you will rate my service first class.   I wouldn’t say am boasting, I would just say, I know my worth.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Importation as a business is a rigorous process to go through. It has series of step by step rules to follow and if not done properly might go awful. Here on this post you will see the processes involved and how to go about them.
Market survey: This is probably one of the most important aspect of importation and as such should be given a lot of attention. You will agree with me that there is no point in importing something so cheap but can’t sell it. So therefore, you have to check around or go to the markets and find out what commodity really worth putting your money in. more on that here
Finding a supplier: Now, this is another tricky part of the business. There are a lot of middle men in the business world today and you know what they do. They advertise goods of other people with the aim of adding extra money on it for their own profit. Now, if you meet such people, you will end up purchasing the goods at a much higher price, you need to know how to screen them out. You must also know how to maneuver your way around the supplier to get him do small favours for you like discounts and free shipping as the case may be.
Safe payment: A lot of people have had their importation careers ruined because of unsafe payment methods they used in making payments. Never you make a direct payment to a supplier you have never met face-to-face for the first time. Chances are that if he receives the money, he losses interest in shipping the goods and you certainly cannot trace him. There are other smarter ways to use like Escrow. Escrow is a third party payment system. It operates by accepting your payments for goods on behalf of the supplier and releasing the payment to him after you have received and confirmed that the goods are exactly what you ordered for.
Receiving your goods: To receive your goods from any country you are importing from, you have to choose from a list of shipping methods available from that country to yours, the best one that suits you and your conditions. Some are costlier than others, some deliver faster than others, some bring it to your doorstep while some don’t. if you select any of them, you will have to wait for the supplier to ship them and give you the invoice of the transaction so you can claim the goods when they arrive.
Marketing your goods: If you have read and used the first idea on this list, which is market survey, then marketing your goods would be absolutely no problem. Just head to the market or make some calls, as the case may be, distribute them off, and you’re ready to head back to the supplier.

That’s it folks, for now.
call me or whatsapp me on 08067570845 if you need any assistance on importation.

Check out my posts on Importation sercrets. how to get started, things you should know

Monday, 30 September 2013



The fact that Importation is a very lucrative business can not be over
emphasized. And also the fact that you can import virtually everything
on earth (except human parts), and at very ridiculous prices.

Most people think that importation is only meant for the big guns or
internet gurus, but if I can tell you the truth, that particular
insinuation is a BIG MYTH.
Importation can be done by everybody. By saying everybody am sure you
know what I mean. Well, incase you don't, I mean anybody with little
computer knowledge and with a minimum of N1,000.

The worst thing you will do to yourself is to read that and say (this
guy is exagerating joor! How possible is that) without dully
contacting me for proper explanation. I said N1,000 with utmost
confidence. I will elaborate on that when we meet or you call.

I have my importation guide which I sell to interested and potential
importers. But that's not the only thing in my offer.
Unlike most bloggers telling you to buy their ebook, I will grant
whoever is interested a face to face meeting, which as you may know is
a powerful gift as you will have the chance to ask all the questions
bothering you and even have me make your first purchase for you.

My guide and tutorship will include everything (and I mean EVERYTHING)
you may need in the importation world.

I am the owner of this blog amongst many other blogs, I can be reached
in the east, south east, south south and ocassionally in Lagos though
am open to people from everywhere in Nigeria or the world. Lol.

To your importation success

Just give me a call or send me a whatsapp message or an email and we will arrange a meeting
and you will be on your way to financial freedom.

Saturday, 10 November 2012


For those of us who have been around in this blogosphere for quite some time but haven’t yet figured out a mean to moneytize our blog/site, for those who earn a living through blogging and also for those who are still yet to start a blog/site but have hopes that one day they are going to own a monetized blog/site, Google Adsense is the real deal. When you talk about blog/site monetization, the first method that comes to your mind is ads placement, with that you will start looking for Ad Networks to join and in such situation, Google Adsense is the best except for the fact that, it is the hardest to join.
In this post, am goong you share with you the things you need to get done on your blog/site before you start thinking of adsense and also how you can get these things done to prevent your application from being disapproved.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tips to Maximize your Google Adsense Income

Adsense can easily be rated the easiest way to make money online through your website or blog, but, making money with Google Adsense is not as easy as it seems, but if you apply some techniques to the way you use yours, then you can be making the most out of it.

In this article, I will show you some effective ways to maximize your income with Adsense.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Major Types of Google Adsense Programs

There are three major types of Google Adsense Programs

Adsense for content

Adsense for search and

Premium Adsense