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Efficient Ways to make Money withYour Blog


Having a blog isn’t just about writing pleasant articles and posting to the internet unless you are doing it as a hobby; most people out there will tell you that there is no meaning to having a regularly updated and quality content blog if not created to make money, no matter how much. To most people being a professional blogger is all about how quality your content is, how much traffic do you drive per month and of course how much do you earn doing it.

Over the years bloggers have continually earned their money from banner ads, but in some cases, it is not enough for someone with a lot of responsibilities to have a linear means of making money with his/her blog if they says they are professional bloggers, while there are numerous means of diversifying their income which am going to discuss with you in a minute. Here on this post, am going to show you a few but very effective ways to monetize your blog and make good money while doing what you love.

Blogging world is a very big one filled with opportunities for those who can find them, to capitalize on them. As you have come over to this blog, if you are an expert, then I will be helping you sharpen your skills and provide you with some other awesome ways to earn but if you are a beginner hoping to make money with your new blog, then you have to read with inept attention as we learn these easy and awesome ways to monetize your blog.


Ads are generally the bread and butter of bloggers. And that is why it is my number one. However, they can be used to scare away your readers if placed haphazardly. To be able to have a little control over the type of ads that are placed on your blog, you have to be relevant, write around a specific keyword or keywords. This way, the ads appearing on your blog will be more focused and will in turn increase your click-through rate. You can check out with any of these sites for the ones that suits you best.

1.      Yahoo! Publisher Network: Display contextual ads on your site via the Yahoo! Publisher Network.

2.      ValueClick Inc.: You'll get quality advertisers, support and advanced technology from ValueClick.

3.      Tribal Fusion: Tribal Fusion's impression-based ad service focuses on targeting and optimization.

4.      eXelate Targeting eXchange: This program relies on delayed ad cookies.

5.      Clicksor Inc.: Clicksor focuses on contextual ads that can be presented in a number of different ways, such as text, graphics and in-line links.

6.      Chitika eMiniMalls: Promote products through interactive merchandise kiosks and provide both relevant content and comparative shopping to readers. You'll get paid per click.

7.      AdBriteInc.: Using AdBrite, you have the option to approve and reject ads that will appear on your blog, and you can even use it to sell directly to your own users.

8. These ads are highly customizable, and you have the option to block any ad you don't want displayed on your blog.

9.      Blogads: Get invited to this exclusive network of bloggers, and you'll have high-quality, relevant advertising on your blog.

10. DoubleClick Inc.: DoubleClick offers differentiation and lots of solutions for publishers.


This is a more specialized advertisement method. A lot of your readers would like to subscribe to your feed and RSS ads allow bloggers to monetize there feed. So if you maintain quality content and stay relevant, it will work just fine for you.

1.      Pheedo Inc.: This RSS advertising platform offers interactive triggers and video options.

2.      Feedvertising: A part of Text Link Ads, Feedvertising embeds ads in your RSS feed.

3.      CrispAds: This blog-focused ad network allows you to place ads directly into entries so they'll show up both on your site and in feeds.

4.      FeedBurner Inc.: FeedBurner's ads are embedded in RSS feeds,and feature high-quality advertisers like Discover Band, Best Buy and Comcast.

5.      FeedM8: FeedM8's service makes your blog ready for mobile content and embeds mobile-appropriate advertising.

Text Ads

This is in my own terms the most efficient. Texxt ads are much more compatible any blog than banner ads. You can check out these text ads service and start reaping good income from your blog.

1.      Vibrant Media: Vibrant Media's ads are in-text and completely user driven.

2.      Google AdSense: Ads from Google are the most popular and often the most profitable source of income for many bloggers. They're relevant to your content, and many blog readers expect it, so you're not likely to run into lots of negative feedback.

3.      LinkAds: These text ads come with lots of control.

4. Sell links on your site and retain editorial control over what's posted with this service.

5.      One Monkey Inc.: You can host highly targeted, text-based ads and earn a great percentage of revenue with One Monkey.

6.      Kontera ContentLink: ContentLink turns relevant keywords within your content into a hyperlink ad.

7.      Text Link Ads: Text Link Ads' simple, nonintrusive ads are a good choice for many bloggers.

8.      TAGword: Select your ads and set your prices with TAGword.

9.      LinkAdage Auctions: Sell text links through private online auctions with LinkAdage.

10. Get unobtrusive, small link ads, as well as a steady monthly payout that doesn't depend on traffic from


As you already know, content is king and when you maintain that and make quality your watchword, you are going to start getting a lot of traffic to your blog and you will eventually build a good number of loyal readers who may be willing to support your blog in any way they could. So why not give them the chance by branding your blog and putting its logos in different items which they might be willing to buy in support of your blog.

1. This perennial favorite makes it easy for you to put your blog's logo on shirts, bags, coasters and other items.

2.      Self-Published Books: If your readers like your content, they may want to have something they can own offline or even share with friends. Create a book with self-publishing services like Lulu, and you'll earn profits even without a huge book deal.

3. Design and sell custom products with

4.      Hard-Copy Content: Create a CD-ROM "book" with cleanly organized content that can be accessed offline. You can take things a step further and sell subscriptions for future updates to the system.

5.      GoodStorm: Like and, GoodStorm is a nice way to create and sell your own merchandising products.

Paid Content

This is meant for bloggers who offer exclusive information especially those that can help the reader make money. Do not create fake previews telling the readers that you have classic information for them when you don’t have any and do not create a membership page just for it as it will repel most readers. Instead create a good content that you know is worth the buyer’s money and create a premium page for those who will be willing to pay for it.

1.      E-Books: Whether it's a compilation of your best tips or a new idea altogether, an e-book is a good, reader-friendly way to package content.

2.      White Papers: Like e-books, white papers are a smaller, more technical version of your content.

3.      Phone Calls: Sell one-on-one phone calls for advice and other consulting through Ether.

4.      Miniguides: If you've just run a particularly helpful series, package it up into a miniguide.

5.      Tutorials: Gather your knowledge and compile it into a tutorial that relies upon your expert advice.

6.      Members-Only Sections: Whether you're providing access to published items or just ad-free content, make sure you're delivering a product that your readers are willing to pay for.

7.      TextMarks Inc.: Charge readers to get text-message alerts about your content through TextMarks.

8.      X-Events: Project physical events online and create revenue by charging admission, attracting sponsors and selling subscriptions to future events.

9.      Podcasts: Podcasts may be a novelty to your readers, and many of them are probably willing to pay to be able to hear your entries on the go.

10. Videos: Like podcasts, videos are value-added extras that readers may be willing to pay for.

Affiliate Programs

Bloggers tend to drop names of programs or products in between lines of their articles while blogging. Affiliate programs helps you to make money dropping those names as you will be dropping your own url that will lead the interested readers you your referral page and earn a certain percentage of the money the readers spend their.

1.      Amazon Associates: Amazon Associates earn up to 10 percent in referral fees for revenue made through blog links.

2.      WidgetBucks: These shopping widgets offer popular products, lots of relevance and plenty of customization.

3.      LinkShare Corp.: LinkShare's affiliate program will hook you up with programs for companies like Apple Inc., Dell and Disney.

4.      uSuggest LLC: Suggest relevant products to your readers and get paid for doing it.

5.      Chitika RPU: If you've discussed a product in a post, make money by putting a link to the product at the end of your text.

6.      Commission Junction Inc.: You can promote a wide variety of products through Commission Junction, so you'll be able to find something that's relevant to your readers.

7.      Chitika Linx: Chitika's Linx identifies keywords in your blog's content and links them to paid product listings.

8. Sign up with this network and choose which merchants you'd like to promote.

9.      ClickBank: Through ClickBank's program, you choose the products you want to promote.

10. iTunes Affiliates: Keep your readers up-to-date on new releases and earn a commission on revenue with the iTunes Affilliates program.

if you need to find out more on affiliate market, be sure to check this out: Affiliate marketing, the introduction and much more

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