Sunday, 18 January 2015

Goldmine Liberty Concept

Hello folks,
It's been quite some time, isn't it?

Today or rather, here in this post, I will be teaching us how to make
money from is an online platform where entrepreneurs work to
raise capital to fund their business projects.

The company, Goldmine liberty concept runs three programs through
which everyone can benefit
1. Fund cooperative
2. My Business and I
3. Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program
4. Goldmine Liberty Directory
Once you register, you are entitled to some of these programs at no extra cost

But for the purpose of this post, I will focus on the Fund Cooperative
part which is the main part.

In Fund Cooperative, you are required to register with the sum of
N4000, and then introduce 3 persons to the business.
I mean:
1. Register
2. Bring 3 people
3. You're done!!!!

Now, as you may be aware that no legal or legitimate business out there will require no work and still pay you and as you may also be aware that in recent times, people no longer want to work their head off just to make a living. That is why is the answer.

This is the earning structure…

At the level you have 3 people, you get N4000; at the level you have 9 people, you get N32,000; from this level upwards, you earn in hundreds of thousands. It simply follows law of 'the more people you have in
you network, the more you earn.

The Work;;
It is easy and can be concluded in a day, a week, or a month depending on how hard you work or how influencial you are.
Once you get your 3 people, dont worry, they will also get their own 3 people and like that the network keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Points to note:
The business is easy to start (just N4000)
It is easy to start earning quickly (just by bringing 3 people)
It suits a wide range of people (from a banker down to the student...after all everybody wants extra income)
It can run independent of your time and attention (just get started)
It won't get in the way of your regular job or your studies (as employee, employer or student)
You won't pay any money into my account ( I won't ask you to do that)

How to register:
I dont really like putting up account numbers on my blog, so i will bid you to contact me for the company's account.
I will process the registration for you on their website free of charge.

My contacts:
08067570845 (call or whatsapp)

You can contact me if you have questions or need more clarification.

To your success

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Goldmine is the way folks, I am a witness.